Thursday, October 15, 2009

*FIR* #148 MHO Hunt

Hey guys! Don't forget to stop by *FIR* #148 on the Make Him Over Hunt which is in full swing.
Here's a preview of the freebies on offer...
Happy Hunting xD

*FIR* Royaltee
*FIR* MHO Jeans
*FIR* Shamrock Wristband

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

*FIR* August Releases - 3

Outfit One:
*FIR* Fedora
*FIR* Blue Argyle Vest
*FIR* Lucky Blue Jeans

Outfit Two:
*FIR* Green Wife Beater
*FIR* White Madra's Pants
*FIR* Green Skulls Wristband

Outfit Three:
*FIR* Lucky Polo in Gold
*FIR* Black Casual Pants

*FIR* August Releases - 2

*FIR* White Wife Beater
*FIR* Green Madra's Pants

*FIR* August Releases - 1

*FIR* Lucky Polo in White
*FIR* Black Casual Pants