Thursday, December 24, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Menswear Fashion Week - Get Your Responses In!

We've made our list... we're checking it twice... and it's about time to get your responses in to us if you want to be included. If you haven't received an invite, sorry we missed you! Contact Rob1977 Moonites or Lexie Jansma in world and we'll be happy to include you. This is gonna be a HUGE event. With about 50 designers on board so far... you'd be crazy to sit this one out.

Further info can be found on the Siren Productions blog here.

*FIR* Porkpie Hats

I've just released five new hats over at the mainstore. Stop by and take a look! *FIR* Mainstore

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

*FIR* featured in ICON magazine for November



These pics are from ICON magazine, featured in the November issue, just released. Many thanks goes to Dimitri Shinn (model), Moose Moomingtoog (photographer) and Daija Arida (lil' miss awesome) for featuring my stuffs. Stop by *FIR* to pick up these outfits :)

Don't forget to check out ICON magazine at:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

*FIR* #148 MHO Hunt

Hey guys! Don't forget to stop by *FIR* #148 on the Make Him Over Hunt which is in full swing.
Here's a preview of the freebies on offer...
Happy Hunting xD

*FIR* Royaltee
*FIR* MHO Jeans
*FIR* Shamrock Wristband

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

*FIR* August Releases - 3

Outfit One:
*FIR* Fedora
*FIR* Blue Argyle Vest
*FIR* Lucky Blue Jeans

Outfit Two:
*FIR* Green Wife Beater
*FIR* White Madra's Pants
*FIR* Green Skulls Wristband

Outfit Three:
*FIR* Lucky Polo in Gold
*FIR* Black Casual Pants

*FIR* August Releases - 2

*FIR* White Wife Beater
*FIR* Green Madra's Pants

*FIR* August Releases - 1

*FIR* Lucky Polo in White
*FIR* Black Casual Pants